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We know from experience that seeking help during a medical emergency brings its challenges. Delays or difficulties usually occur when contacting your insurance for help. You might experience trouble reaching the hotline or finding your insurance policy details, or feel stressed waiting for a call back to know which hospital or doctor to contact. These delays can be critical.
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AWARE24 PTE LTD is a Singapore registered company. The company started as a cooperation platform called Local Assistance Network (LAN) in July 2018, before being transformed in a full fledged assistance company in September 2019.

Aware24 has been established by 10 local, independent and experienced assistance companies willing to team up to offer consolidated services throughout Asia. You can find out who are our funding members here.

We cover the full range of assistance services: 24/7 medical assistance, emergency evacuation, repatriation, travel assistance, concierge services, legal assistance, security assistance and claims management. For more details, please see details on our services here.

Other assistance services providers, insurance companies, insurance brokers, TPA companies, corporates and medical providers can all benefit from aware24 services. Aware24 does not look at acquiring clients, but aim at finding partners. See the benefits of working together here.

Aware24 aim at creating operational synergies  within the region by offering our partners an easy access to the local experts who will actually handle their cases and take care of policyholders. We believe a centralized call center approach is not suitable anymore in nowadays work environment which requires high mobility and fast response. See our values here.

Aware24 main purpose is to create synergies, for both its members and its partners. Signing up a regional agreement with aware24 will allow you to get a tailor-made and harmonized scope of cooperation with all aware24 members. By getting one single point of entry to our network, you will reduce your administration costs and make your providers’ management easier and more efficient. Contact us here for more details.

Aware24 is willing to partner with other local independent companies throughout the world to share knowledge and good practices. We also need reliable partners able to handle our outbound assistance cases. We aim at constantly developing and extending our network of trustable medical providers, hospitals and clinics. Get in touch with us here.

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