what we value

Assistance is more than a business for us, it’s a passion.


Expertise differs from knowledge. It’s a commitment to quality.


We aim at putting patients and policyholders at the center of our business.


We are not looking for clients. We are looking for partners.


Assistance and insurance is all about trust; proximity helps create true empathy.


We sign a single service agreement with our partners, giving them access to our services in all the countries we cover.

Our partners have a direct access to each country representative and operations managers while having a single account manager to handle their regional needs.

By doing so, we increase operational efficiency while reducing management costs.

We go beyond the traditional cost-containment approach (discount policies) by closely managing cases with local medical providers for implementing a real cost control.

Let’s re-invent assistance together

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The aware24 advantages

Sign with one, work with all!

Access to patients focus experts

aware24 members are the most experienced in their respective countries. This translates to faster response time, lower costs and more person-to-person support for your members. We locally deliver the services our partners have promised to their policyholders.

More efficiency

Having a single point of contact for Asia means better coordination on cross-border cases. Our partners can access a network of more than 2,000 cashless providers across Asia in a single step. Partners with multiple portfolios across the region value having a single provider for ease of contracting, audit, quality assurance and data protection.

Better service

By giving our partners direct access to our ground operators, we can help improving policyholders’ experience by limiting the number of layers of providers involved in a case. We can tailor-make our solutions and offer white label services.

Effective cost control

We engage and audit local providers on mutually beneficial terms. We aim at helping them develop their capabilities in the interest of the whole industry: patients, partners, insurers and providers. By choosing not to outsource, we prevent hidden fees. We offer special rates tied to volumes to our partners.

Long-term partnership

Because our members are local companies, we are committed to the countries in which we operate, and by being an independent provider, we have no conflicts of interest. Because it is structured as a company, aware24 is able to provide consistency in terms of costs and service quality among its members.

More transparency

Get to speak with the people who are actually handling your cases. Get to know the providers involved in the implementation of the services you requested.

Our founding members

Companies who made aware24 possible